I am Sally Milligan, Graphic Designer & Marketing Specialist.

I have been doing Graphic Design and Marketing since 2002. I started as a Marketing Coordinator in Omaha, NE at CenturyLink Center working for the VP of Corporate Sales & Marketing, and used my education in Graphic Design to market worldwide events took place at our venue.

I then joined the Global Spectrum team in Des Moines, Iowa in 2009 as their Marketing/Graphic Designer for the Iowa Events Center. In the three years I was there I left with an internship program I created and multiple clients with projects ranging from small brochures to large displays.

Currently I design dynamic artwork, marketing collateral and informational pieces for CBRE. I utilize a variety of graphic design tools to develop innovative, interactive physical and virtual materials. I daily collaborate with directors and service line managers to creatively market to associates. I design and layout a monthly, electronic newsletter for a readership of 1000+.

My design experience ranges from print graphics, displays and marketing collateral to social networking, ribbon panels and branding.

I convey information through visual solutions that promote or enhance a service, product, philosophy or entity. I possess strong interpersonal and marketing skills to make a product or event successful. Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work and contact me if you are interested.



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I approach my work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual style. My style and technique are broad and flexible, developed over years of training and experience.



“Sally is a detail-oriented marketer that excels in the field of Graphic Design. For over three years she has been dependable, creative, and organized. She is a key part of our department's success from a graphic standpoint, but more importantly from a leadership and creative standpoint. Sally is a trustworthy, self-starting individual who does not miss deadlines and brings a level of professionalism that is unmatched in the industry.” Adam Flack, Director of Marketing, Iowa Events Center, managed by Global Spectrum

"Sally is very easy to work with and capable. Did not shy away from any assignment or task asked of her. We were sorry to see her move on." - Roger Dixon, President, MECA


"I’ve had the good fortune of working with Sally Milligan for the past 1 ½ years where she has worked in the Marketing Department as our graphic designer. Sally is an incredibly talented graphic designer and has been ale to keep us on the cutting edge which has kept us one step ahead of our competition. Sally has a good understanding of our business as a whole and has been able to effectively help our marketing department in may ways above and beyond her role as a graphic designer.  Outside of the marketing department, Sally served as chair of our Iowa Events Center Charity committee which has done many wonderful things for the local community. Sally has a great attitude and aptitude for learning new things and I would highly recommend her for a position in your organization."  - Chris Connolly, General Manager, Iowa Events Center


"Sally is an absolute joy to work with! Her skill as a graphic designer is just one of the many talents that makes Sally valuable. She is able to establish priorities and multi-task efficiently. Sally is not afraid to give her opinion, feedback and input. I've seen Sally work alone and with a group of people, she is successful in both scenarios. She is definitely a team player. Sally always manages to make the work fun, even in stressful situations.” - Ronda Silvey, MECA


“I had the great opportunity to work with Sally on a number of events. Her work was always timely, professional and thoughtful. Moreover, she is a thoughtful individual who is a pleasure to work with and know.” - Jeff Jarnecke, Assistant Director of Championships, NCAA


“Sally is a very detail-oriented person that does exceptional design work. She is efficient and very personable. I would recommend Sally highly for any Graphic Design position.”  - Denise Niebrugge, CMP, Vice President Convention Sales & Marketing, Qwest Center Omaha


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